Overview of Products and Services
From design to rapid prototyping, manufacturing and quality control, Connectors Unlimited is your source for interconnect solutions.
Our standard inserts provide lower costs.  And, our ability to modify standard products from major suppliers shortens your time to market while conserving design costs by not “reinventing the wheel.”  And, our veteran engineers have years of experience consolidating parts to make connectors serve two or more purposes, lowering your part count and manufacturing costs.
1.27mm, 2mm, 0.100” and 0.156” center male and female custom PCB connectors.
Custom insert molded power connectors
Board Stacking
DIN and NEMA terminal block and barrier strip
Custom Injection Molding
High-Speed precision stamping
Tool Building Services
Injection Molds
Assembly Equipment
Production Machining
Wire EDM
We specialize in low (50 pieces) to multi-million piece runs.  Our rapid design capabilities help maximize time to market time frames.