Facilities and Equipment List
Our facility totals more than 31,000 square feet with 25,000 square feet of that devoted to manufacturing.  We employ more than 55 full-time employees. Our manufacturing capabilities include:

Modular Molding and Tooling

Advanced Overmolding and

Ultrasonic Welding

Circular Connector Termination
and Molding

Insert Molding

Precision Stampings

Standard Insert System

Modular Molds
Our standard insert systems utilize modular molds resulting in low cost and quick turnaround – usually in 1-4 weeks.

In-House Tool Design, Building and Maintenance
Equipment List
Arburg 15 Ton Vertical
Insert Mold
Arburg 5 Ton Vertical
Insert Mold
1 MiniJector 10 Ton
Vertical Insert Mold
1 Newbury 75 Ton
3 Newbury 30 Ton Shuttle
1 Newbury 10 Ton Vertical
1 Shinwa 120 Ton Horizontal
3 Newbury 100 Ton
2 Boy 50 Ton Horizontal
1 Boy 22 Ton Vertical
CNC and Stamping
2 Fadal Vertical
Machining Center
1 Zagar Vertical CNC Drill
and Tap Center
1 Minster 215 High Speed Precision Punch Press