I3 Technologies Design and Engineering

End to End Solutions for Your Most Challenging Small Component Applications
Connectors Unlimited’s unique I3 Technologies combine innovative design and advanced technologies specifically engineered to meet customers’ interconnect needs.  We keep rigorous control of each stage of the design, engineering and manufacturing process to ensure high quality while reducing costs.
Connectors Unlimited Innovation In Interconnect (I3) encompasses the following capabilities:

Precision Injection Molding (PIM)

Connectors Unlimited along with its Xponet Group sister companies, possess a depth of real world expertise in polymer behavior unique to the industry. Our wealth of expertise allows us to deliver real solutions to our customers’ most demanding applications.

Precision Insert Molding (PIMsert)

By combining many discrete parts into a single component and injecting thermoplastic around the carefully placed parts, (inserts) we are able to effectively reduce labor and assembly costs size and weight of parts, component count, while increasing reliability and design flexibility.
Precision High-Speed Stamping (PHS2)
We design and make our own dies using only certified and highly skilled die makers who are experienced in building close-tolerance and high precision tools.
Conductive/Static Dissipating Plastics (Black Beauty B2)
The demand for thermoplastics in the medical equipment industry has grown rapidly in recent years.  Connectors Unlimited specializes in electrically conductive modifier technologies that, when compounded with thermoplastics, can provide protection against static accumulation, electrostatic discharge (ESD), and electromagnetic interference (EMI).
Quick Turn Tooling (QT2)
We can shorten your time to market.  Connectors Unlimited can
deliver actual engineering grade injection molded parts within days of receiving an order at a cost that meets your project objectives.
Rapid Prototyping (RP)
Our in-house engineering and design capabilities can help you reduce the
construction time and cost of complex objects to a manageable, straightforward
and relatively fast process.
Liquid Silicone Injection Molding (LSIM)
Connectors Unlimited’s unique low volume, cost effective LSIM process provides precise and clean parts – ideal for medical, electronic, industrial or aerospace applications. Liquid Silicone is a high quality and affordable alternative to rubber and other materials.
Overmolded Cable and Connector Assemblies
Overmolding is superior to conventional screw-together enclosures:
Provides positive cable strain relief.
Seals against harsh environments.
Reduced cost.
Minimum installed envelope dimensions compared to conventional terminations
Allows for customer-specific attachment features and labeling.
Black Silver® Cable and Connectors
Our Black Silver Electronic Cabling and Connector Assemblies eliminate exposed connector ends and offer a durable, sealed contact and cable connection that is ideal for harsh, extreme applications. For Black Sliver Cable and Connectors, contact our sister company Mold-Tech www.moldtech.com